SOAR Network

Ohio superintendents leading the transformation and redesign of 21st century educational systems

Hear from Ohio SOAR superintendents on why their involvement in a network is a strategic priority, and how it supports their district's unifying vision.

Taking collective action

SOAR is a professional learning network where visionary leaders work together to transform education. Network members work together with other innovative school systems to share and learn from one another to equip educators to advance deeper learning experiences for every student in our district.  



Visionary Leaders Network

Superintendents engage in both national and state peer-to-peer networking and thought leadership around transformational leadership for 21st century learning experiences for all students.



21st Century Learning Design Teams

Superintendents select a district team to deepen understanding of 21st century learning design and lead and support as influential ambassadors in system transformation.

Member Districts

SOAR Network districts in Ohio automatically become members of EdLeader21, the national network of Battelle for Kids.