Vertical Progression Guide, ELA & Math K-3 (Tennessee)

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K-3 ELA & Mathematics Common Core Vertical Progression Guide with the Tennessee Early Learning Standards

Educators know the early childhood years set the stage and pace for lifelong success in school and life. Every child is entitled to a firm foundation in language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge, and physical well-being and motor development. Pre-K Learning Standards are particularly important, as they articulate what a high-quality program must teach to achieve school readiness for children. These Learning Standards:

  • Build bridges across Pre-K and early childhood learning;
  • Articulate what state leaders and child-development experts expect children to learn in Pre-K; and
  • Provide a framework for curriculum, professional development, and assessments.

To assist teachers in adopting the Standards so that all students obtain the foundational knowledge and skills they need to succeed, Battelle for Kids developed the K–3 ELA & Mathematics Common Core Vertical Progression Guide with Tennessee’s Early Learning Standards.

This guide will support educators’ implementation of the Common Core State Standards and help communicate important information about each content area to inform instructional decision making—ensuring more clarity and rigor for students in their learning journey. Battelle for Kids engaged many Tennessee educators to inform the development of this guide as a valuable resource for teachers.

The NEW K–3 ELA & Mathematics Common Core Vertical Progression Guide with the Tennessee Early Learning Standards supports educators’ efforts to:

  • Identify a sequential, grade-to-grade overview of developmental learning progressions appropriate for Pre–K through grade 3 in ELA and mathematics.
  • Identify the knowledge and skills students need to reach a targeted step—or ascend beyond a step already achieved in ELA or mathematics.
  • Determine how the Tennessee Early Learning Standards for 3–5 year olds interface with and provide a scaffold for the Common Core State Standards.
  • Guide teachers in planning learning experiences that combine language and literacy development with cognition and general knowledge of mathematics, science, and social studies.
  • Enhance differentiated instruction to account for disparity in children’s development by addressing common developmental benchmarks and individual variation to develop appropriate accommodations for children with special needs.
  • Support Response to Intervention and the TNCore RTI2 Framework 2013.
  • Vertically align concepts to support formative instructional practices and suggest opportunities for assessment.
  • Facilitate teacher team collaboration and professional learning.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jill F, 01/17/2014

I have talked to many principals about the Vertical Progression Guide for K-3 and each one has been impressed and has plans to order more of the Vertical Progressions for other faculty members. The teachers I have talked with have also been excited about using them. Each teacher remarked about how "user friendly" the progression is.

Reviewed by Tony D, 01/17/2014

The Vertical Progression Guide for K-3 is a wonderful resource for teachers and administrators! Our district teachers and administrators are excited about using this helpful product!


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