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Leading Together to Advance 21st Century Learning for Every Student

When a district joins EdLeader21, the national network of Battelle for Kids, they are connected to a powerful network of school systems across the nation committed to 21st century learning for every student.

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Our Members: The real power of the EdLeader21 Network

The interactions and connections among future-thinking school systems across the country empower us all to accelerate equitable, deeper learning outcomes for every student.

This is a vibrant community where educators engage in collaborative professional learning and networking to transform their educational systems and help one another learn, share, and grow.


Even during a global health pandemic that has significantly impacted education, our members continue to leverage the power of this network for support and new learnings as they respond to each day’s pressing demands, and maintaining a focus on the vision.  

There are still so many more questions than there are answers right now. That’s why we’re here today to keep learning together as a network and deepen the work happening in our districts.
MICHAEL R. MCCORMICK | Superintendent, Val Verde Unified School District, CA; Chair, EdLeader21 Network

Are students prepared to thrive in the 21st century?

EdLeader21 Network members are committed to supporting one another and connected by a shared vision—where all students experience a 21st century education that prepares them for success now and into the future. 

This transformation is anchored in cultivating a shared vision with community members, often referred to as a Portrait of a Graduate.

Annual Event

To bring a vision for 21st century learning to life, educators must be empowered and supported with relevant professional learning and resources.

The EdLeader21 Network fuels the passion for learning, while also providing opportunities for all within the network to share their journey for the benefit of all students.

Our school system has been energized around the collective vision for 21st century learning which has served as the cornerstone of our long-range strategic plan. Our membership in EdLeader21 has been instrumental to us crafting this work.
DR. AARON C. SPENCE | Superintendent, Virginia Beach City Public Schools, VA

Opportunities available to members that support transforming your educational system


You learn with and from other innovative education leaders as you’re implementing 21st century learning in your district. Educators collaborate at our Annual Event, on our online collaboration platform, and through problem-solving leadership roundtables and study groups.

Professional Learning

You benefit from professional learning opportunities that include webinars, office hours, spotlight sessions—all designed to help create and implement a vision of 21st century learning and inspire change across your entire system. 

Our district is proud to be a member of this professional learning network for 21st century education leaders. We are benefiting greatly from collaborating with other schools and districts who are taking on similar challenges across the country.
DR. KAREN CHESER | Superintendent, Ft. Thomas Independent Schools, KY

21st Century Education Resources 

You have access to fully customizable education resources—including rubrics, implementation guides, online learning courses and modules, videos, as well as examples and artifacts from other member districts.

I appreciate the thought partners around 21st century leading and learning. The networking is awesome, and I often call on members of SOAR and EdLeader21 for advice on matters not related to 21st century leading and learning.
MICHAEL BARNES | Superintendent, Lakewood City Schools, OH

Annual Event

You participate in the most engaging and inspiring annual experience with like-minded education leaders to network, share ideas, learn from one another, and plan for the future. Each year, there is a Portrait to Practice Fair where educators share artifacts, lessons learned, and insights that illustrate how 21st century learning becomes a reality for students.

The opportunity to collaborate and innovate with other district leaders from across the nation and to form new partnerships centered on school improvement and student advocacy has been invaluable.
DR. MELVIN J. BROWN | Superintendent, Reynoldsburg City Schools, OH


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