Vertical Progression Guide, Math K-12

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Empower educators to view multiple grade levels, plan a learning progression, and see how each year’s content builds the foundation for the next.

Battelle for Kids worked with educators to create the K–12 Mathematics Vertical Progression Guides to be a trusted, go-to resource teachers will reference over and over as they implement the new Standards. Every K–12 Mathematics Common Core Standard is included in this Vertical Progression Guide. Vertical progression arranges the Standards in an ascending staircase format by grade level and content type. This format allows educators to see the progression of the Standards within a grade level and to develop an in-depth understanding of how the Standards for each year lay the foundation for instruction in the next. Whether using a traditional pathway of Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry or an integrated pathway of Mathematics I, II, and III, teachers can visually identify major standards, supporting standards, and additional standards.

Teachers, principals, and curriculum directors are using the guides to:

  • Understand each Standard’s specific terminology
  • Inform unit planning and learning activities
  • Differentiate above and below the core levels
  • Plan intervention and enrichment
  • Develop goals
  • Identify gaps to meet the next grade-level's expectations
  • Differentiate instruction
  • Review multiple grade-level expectations to scaffold learning
  • Create a checklist to monitor mastery of skills, power standards, and progress
  • Review corresponding strands in the guides to drop back for scaffolding
  • Explain where "on target" students should be and communicate checkpoints of progress to students and parents
  • Use this guide to develop assessments to ensure student knowledge and success

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jan C, 07/11/2012

“Battelle for Kids' Vertical Progression Guides arrange the Common Core State Standards so that teachers can easily trace the development of each standard across grade levels. The formatting offers a clear picture of the learning that precedes and follows any given standard. They are an invaluable resource for anyone deconstructing the Common Core State Standards into classroom-level learning targets or differentiating instruction for strong and struggling learners.”


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